Tom Dick & Harry

Located on the ever-so-busy Toorak Road, Tom Dick & Harry may be easy to miss. Once you step inside, however, you'll be rewarded with a display of salads, rolls, and muesli which you can get for on-the-go, or if you have time, take a seat and you'll be surprised by the diversity of the items of their menu.
Top: Latte - $4.00
Bottom: Skinny Flat White - $4.00
We visited Tom Dick & Harry before heading off to Daylesford for a few days, so coffees were a must. Both the coffees were good, nothing remarkable but didn't fall short of the mark either.
Smashed Avocado - $17.50 & Egg - $2.00
This has got to be one of the most colourful, hence prettiest smashed avo I've ever seen! There was a high pile of quinoa super grain salad on top of the avocado, which were served on some chia toasts, making this perfect for the clean eating crowd out there. I'm not part of that gang, but if all super grain salad tasted like this, I could totally get on board. There was a myriad of ingredients - raw greens, feta, corn, currants, pomegranate, almonds, pepita seeds, and fresh herbs, but they all worked so well together, I loved the pomegranates and smoked almonds especially, as they added some texture to the salad. The smashed avocado itself was impeccable too, but it really was hard to outshine the accompanying salad.
Dick's Roasted Pork Belly - $20.50
This is definitely on the more indulgent side of things. The pork belly was basted in a sticky chilli caramel sauce, giving it the perfect glaze and hint of sweetness. The chunks of pork belly was sitting between smashed roasted rosemary pumpkin and potatoes (that's a mouthful), which were seasoned perfectly, and I could taste some cumin in there too; and a watercress and apple salad, which is kind of mandatory when it comes to roast pork belly brunch dishes, and as usual, it lent some freshness to the rich dish. And when there's two HUGE pieces of cracklings on a pork belly dish, always count me in.
Tom Dick & Harry was definitely a pleasant surprise, their one page no-frill menu had both healthy and not-so-healthy choices, which is hard to come by, as restaurants tend to specialise in one or the other.
Although small, Tom Dick & Harry was bustling when we visited. There were mums mingling, white collars that work close by either grabbing a quick bite, or selecting something from the glass cabinet for on-the-go; and girls that were just chilling. Definitely a place for everyone to visit!

How to get there:
Tom Dick & Harry is located on Toorak Road, a short 5 minutes walk from South Yarra station.

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